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Subject: Please do not feed the fires of violence and war

To the folks at KGW:

Last night on your 11 PM newscast, you showed excerpts from an interview with 
retired General Tony McPeak, making the case for a US military strike on North 
Korea. We understand that a longer version of the interview also included 
interviews with some who are not so quick to call for war, including Senators 
Wyden and Merkley, and former Representative Elizabeth Furse. It's not clear 
why those voices were not included in the later broadcast to balance the 
General's dangerous views. It's particularly unsettling that the General 
himself clearly understood that the Iraq war in 2003 was unnecessary (and based 
on propaganda), but still advocates a pre-emptive strike... which would be 
against international law.


It's particularly disturbing that no voices opposing the General were included 
in the context of the first part of the 11 PM broadcast, which was all about 
how unarmed Portlanders tried to stop a violent, racist attacker and are being 
hailed as heroes for the love they gave.

The most frightening part is that if someone said "there is an unstable world 
leader who has access to nuclear weapons" one would not know whether it was a 
reference to Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump. The United States has 6800 nuclear 
warheads <icanw.org/the-facts/nuclear-arsenals> and is the only country to have 
ever used a nuclear weapon in war (and on a civilian population to boot). North 
Korea has fewer than 10 warheads, meaning Gen. McPeak's description of their 
capabilities as an "existential threat" is far-fetched to say the least.

KGW's news anchors have in recent years taken to adding words of support and 
empathy after many stories, "We sure hope she finds her lost puppy" etc. It 
would be great to also hear "we hope there will be a peaceful and diplomatic 
solution to this crisis" rather than leaving the impression that war is 
justifiable and imminent.

Thank you
  dan handelman
peace and justice works

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