[pjw] REPORT BACK/INFO: Emergency Syria demo, ongoing actions reminder

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Mon Apr 16 17:28:57 EDT 2018

PJW supporters
On Saturday over 50 people came out to the emergency demonstration 
responding to the April 13 US bombing in Syria. The US has said they used 
over 100 missiles to target alleged chemical weapons-related building, 
which they claim had no people in them.

The crowd included students and elders, veterans and atheists. Many came 
to speak on the open mic, making connections between the war in Syria and 
the six other ongoing US wars (Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, 
Afghanistan, Yemen), informing and provoking responses from the crowd.
Most of the people took off on an impromptu march around the Federal 
Building and to Pioneer Square and back. We received many supportive 
gestures/honks/words of thanks from passers-by.

All four local corporate news channels were there and did reasonable 
coverage. Thanks to Nancy H who sent the links to KATU (2), KOIN (6) and 
KGW (8). Not sure why the KPTV 12 story isn't on line, but I did see it 
and record it.




This was language we put in the news release we sent out:


  The US has no United Nations authorization much less Congressional 
authority to wage war on the government of Syria. With the presence of the 
Russian military, engaging in such reckless violence is extremely 
dangerous. Moreover, while President Trump is appropriately appalled at 
the loss of life in Syria, perhaps as the result of a chemical attack, 
it's reported to have killed dozens while the US has admitted to killing 
855 civilians (a very low estimate) in Iraq and Syria since 2014.


While the standing call to action remains that when the US starts a major 
bombing we should meet at Terry Schrunk Plaza the day of at 4 PM (if the 
bombing happens after 4, the next day), I also want to remind everyone of 
the ongoing Portland Peaceful Response Coalition Friday rally. PPRC has 
been at SW Yamhill and Broadway every Friday at 5 PM since November 2001. 
That's over 850 weeks now.

We have a list of other ongoing actions on our site, but these haven't 
been verified since June 2014...


I drove by the Tuesday / Burnside Bridge one the other day, so that's 
still happening.

Meanwhile, as a reminder, the USS Portland is now docked at Terminal 2 
upriver from the Fremont Bridge and there are actions planned to protest 
against it this Saturday the 21st, including an action by PJW from 9-12. 
Do contact us if you want to be involved.
dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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