[pjw] EMERGENCY ACTION: Protest the bombing of Syria Sat 4/14 4 PM Terry Schrunk Plaza

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Fri Apr 13 22:35:01 EDT 2018

People who want peace:

I'm sad to report that about an hour ago the US started lobbing missiles 
into Syria, allegedly hitting chemical weapons sites (though the Syrians 
dismantled their weapons a few years ago, making it all the more 
important to investigate who is using such weapons instead of serving up a 
"message" without proof of a crime).

An emergency demonstration will take place at Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 3rd 
and Madison, tomorrow (Sat 4/14) at 4 PM, as per our standing call to 
action in the community.

I'm aware of another action that was planned before the current rounds of 
threats even started that is happening earlier in the afternoon-- we are 
not involved in that but you can find information on it here:


Let's hope this is not the kindling of making World War III more active 
than it has been (simmering as it has since 9/11) and that those who are 
guilty of using military force without Congressional or UN Authorization 
are brought to justice just the same as anyone who may have used chemical 
weapons. And by justice I don't mean killing them. Just to be clear.

dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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