[pjw] ACTION: Let City Council know: "No warships in Portland"

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Sun Mar 11 18:07:01 EDT 2018

Supporters of peace and justice:

This Wednesday at 10 AM, Portland City Council is considering (a generous 
word, the Mayor declares it and it doesn't have to be voted on) 
proclamation that Saturday, April 21 will be "USS Portland Day." On that 
day, a private non-profit is hosting the commissioning of the "amphibious 
landing dock" named for our fair-- and usually peaceful-- city. (Note: the 
Iraq Affinity Group is discussing ways to protest the ceremony with 
several allied organizations; right now it appears part of the security 
protocol is that they are not announcing what time in the morning the 
dedication is taking place.)

I pasted in the text of the proclamation below. It talks about how it will 
"protect our nations interests [sic] but also provide aid during 
emergencies such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or other
disasters." It also has 2 anti-air missile systems, 2 30MM anti-surface 
guns and 9 50 caliber anti-surface machine guns.

Be aware that because it is a proclamation, there is no oral testimony 
taken at Council. However, we can write in ahead of time to protest the 
dedication, and PJW will do so. This is an opportunity to write in to 
Council about how promising humanitarian uses of the military is 
inappropriate, and how City policy (passed in 2012) already is that the 
money used for war should come home to fund human needs.

Here is the contact info for City Council:

   Mayor Ted Wheeler <mayorwheeler at portlandoregon.gov> 503-823-4120
   Commissioner Chloe Eudaly <chloe at portlandoregon.gov> 503-823-4682
   City Council Member Nick Fish <nick at portlandoregon.gov> 503-823-3589
   Commissioner Amanda Fritz <amanda at portlandoregon.gov> 503-823-3008
   Commissioner Dan Saltzman <dan at portlandoregon.gov> 503-823-4151

    1221 SW 4th Av Portland OR 97204

I am hoping to be down at the Council hearing with stickers for people to 
wear or hold up to show opposition to the declaration.

You can learn more about the dedication (which has been promoted since 
December a few times in the Portland Tribune) at 
http://ussportlandlpd27.org , including their merchandise section which 
includes a wine named for the warship from Stoller Family vineyard.

Here is the proclamation, which can be found at:


The United States Navy is naming a new ship after our Oregon city 
exclusively for the first time; and

Our City is proud and honored to have the Navy and our nation recognize 
our city with such a ship; and Portland was founded as a river port 
connected to the sea over 150 years ago and is still a major maritime 
port; and

Portland area shipyards and industry made significant contributions to 
winning both World War I and World War II with Navy ship construction 
which contributed to population growth in the area; and

The USS Portland is a very versatile ship and will be used in both 
military and humanitarian roles - to protect our nations interests but 
also to provide aid during emergencies such as earthquakes, tsunamis, 
hurricanes or other disasters; _and -,-

The new USS Portland(LPD27) is a force for peace and will carry our city's 
name throughout the world;

Now, therefore, I Ted Wheeler, Mayor of the City of Portland, Oregon, the 
"City of Roses", do hereby proclaim April 21, 2018 to be USS Portland Day.


--dan handelman
portland copwatch

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