[pjw] (REMDINDER) RALLY/MARCH: "No Sanctions, No War, We've Heard It All Before!" TODAY, 5 PM (fwd)

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Fri Jul 19 10:17:16 EDT 2019

Hello PJW supporters

In changing the calendar listing for today's rally/march into a news 
release (below), I added information about the US shooting down and 
Iranian drone and sending troops to Saudi Arabia.


I meant to add that the airbase in Saudi Arabia was also used by the US to 
stage attacks against Iraq until 2003 when the Saudis kicked them out 
a month after the invasion of Iraq.

Anyway, if these increased tensions are scaring you, come on down tonight 
and help us put out the word--- "No Sanctions, No War, We've Heard It All 
Before!"-- and hand out leaflets promoting the larger march and rally on
Sunday July 28.

dan h.
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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      Iraq Affinity Group
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      Portland, OR   97242
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      iraq at pjw.info

News item

For immediate release    July 19, 2019

              "No Sanctions, No War
          Friday, July 19, 2019 5:00 PM
     PPRC weekly Rally/March for Peace and Justice
           Pioneer Courthouse Square
            SW Yamhill & Broadway

Cosponsoring expanded Portland Peaceful Response Coalition Friday Rally (5 PM 
every Friday since November 2001!)

The US has imposed devastating sanctions on the countries of Venezuela and 
Iran, and continues to threaten military action against the two countries, with 
the US shooting down an Iranian drone and sending troops to Saudi Arabia. It is 
no coincidence that both countries rely on oil sales for much of their 
economies. Join Portland Peaceful Response Coalition on its 925th consecutive 
Friday rally for Peace (first started a few weeks after 9/11) on Friday, July 
19, 2019 at 5:00 PM at Pioneer Courthouse Square (SE Broadway and Yamhill) to 
oppose US policies of killing through economic and military means. Peace and 
Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group is cosponsoring today's event.

This event will also serve to promote the upcoming Sunday, July 28 mobilization 
"No US War in Iran or Venezuela" taking place at 1 PM that day in Waterfront 
Park. See http://www.pjw.info for details.

A flyer for the event is available at


For more information contact Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group (503) 
236-3065 or iraq at pjw.info .

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