[pjw] ACTIONS you can take: No War with Iran (NIAC and Nat'l Priorities Project)

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Sat Jun 22 17:21:59 EDT 2019


We got the below email from the National Priorities Project this morning, 
connecting the human and financial costs of war. Meanwhile the National 
Iranian American Council put out an action alert making it easy for you to 
contact congress about the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran 
Act of 2019 (S. 1039/H.R 2354)


There's a lot of talk in the media-- especially from other countries who 
are skeptical of the US drive for war-- about how this feels a lot like 
2002/2003 in the run up to the war on Iraq.

Let's make sure the outcome isn't the same.
--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2019 10:24:03
From: "Lindsay Koshgarian, National Priorities Project"
Subject: No war with Iran.

We're dangerously close to an all-out war with Iran - and it makes 
absolutely no sense.

President Trump is waffling on whether to take military action against 
Iran in reaction to the downing of a U.S. drone in the Gulf of Oman this 
week, an incident about which not all the facts are known .

This follows months of bellicose rhetoric by Trump's war cabinet, which 
has been engaged in a cycle of escalation by imposing devastating economic 
sanctions and moving troops and ships toward Iran . Clearly, they're 
grasping for any reason to keep escalating, even recycling the same 
unverified claims that were used to justify the Iraq invasion 16 years 

Any military strike by the United States could quickly lead to a situation 
where no one is able to stop a full-blown war, even if we don't want one .

Can you call the White House to demand no military retaliation, and 
contact your representative to demand they speak out NOW to say NO WAR 

It should never be this easy for the White House to launch our country
into war. But here we are.

We're now 18 years into seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 
which have cost almost $6 trillion , killed at least 480,000 people 
already, and devastated entire communities for generations.

At a time when the United States should be winding down our global 
military presence by deeply cutting Pentagon spending for a moral budget 
that works for all , starting a new war with Iran would be catastrophic.

The best time for ordinary people to influence our government in moments
like this is before the bombs start dropping.

That's why right now is the time to contact your representative and make 
it clear how badly we don't want this war.

If we mobilize quickly, we just might avoid an even more morally 
disastrous military quagmire than the Iraq invasion - and make it possible 
to keep building the power we need to reverse our nation's role in the 

In solidarity,
Lindsay, Ashik, and the NPP team

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