[pjw] MEETING: Iraq Affinity Group meets Monday, October 14, 7 PM

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Wed Oct 9 16:58:53 EDT 2019

Hello again Iraq Affinity Group supporters

Before the announcement of the next meeting: The Turkish attack on 
northern Syria is a serious issue-- but the blame falls more onto US 
policy in general than Trump's troop rollback. The US set a precedent of 
going into another country to get at non-state actors they accused of 
harming our nation: Attacking Afghanistan after 9/11. Since nobody did 
anything about that questionable act of "self defense" there are more and 
more such incidents-- including Turkey's ongoing bombing of Northern Iraq 
to get at Kurdish Rebels. Plus, who exactly invited the US to be in Syria 
in the first place?

Anyway, the next meeting of the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity 
Group will be this coming Monday, October 14 at 7 PM at our office at 2807 
SE Stark. (Meetings are usually on the 2nd Monday of each month.)

As usual, if you're unable to attend in person we can try to plug you in by
phone, just let us know if you want to do that. Your participation is

Here's the proposed agenda for Monday's meeting:

   The Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group is committed to educating
   the public about the effects of U.S. policy on the people of Iraq, and
   other areas including SW Asia, North Africa, and the "Middle East,"
   and on the domestic costs of war.

7:00 PM Political update: brief headlines including what's new in Iraq,
      Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iran, Gaza, Yemen, Korea,
      Venezuela and the US

7:25 PM Proposed and ongoing actions:
    ---Forum on Climate Crisis, War, Iran and more 11/5-- plans
    ---City Council resolutions against wars --updates
    ---9/11 18 Years Later: Enlistees Born During War action-- debrief
    ---Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair Sat 9/14-- debrief
    ---October 4 PPRC rally 18 years in Afghanistan-- debrief
    ---Ann Huntwork fund / "US Out Of..." sign-- progress?
    ---Letter to congressional reps about Yemen / War Powers-- follow up
    ---Troops home campaign / letter to Governor 2019 (Nov 2019)
          & Blumenauer, plus war $ home/ Mayor's Conference--updates
    ---BDS, City investments and other local actions-- updates
    ---Joint Terrorism Task Force campaign-- updates
    ---Upcoming ideas /opportunities for educational forums/demonstrations
    --Other recent ideas

8:15 PM Other upcoming events/action items (incoming requests)

8:25 PM Other business--finances/fundraising and office space / phone
        PJW fall meeting / board updates
        Outreach/membership recruitment

8:35 PM Set next meeting

8:40 PM end

Please write back if there is anything missing from the proposed agenda or if
you want to attend but won't be able to make it.

As always, we need your support to help us keep doing our work!
         Donate on line: http://www.pjw.info/pjwdonate.html

--dan handelman
    Peace and Justice Works
      Iraq Affinity Group
         PO Box 42456
         Portland, OR   97242
         (503) 236-3065  (call or text)
         iraq at pjw.info

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