[pjw] EVENT reminder: "ILLUSTRATING IMPRISONMENT: Sarah Mirk Presents 'Guantanamo Voices'" Tues 1/12/21 7 PM

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Hi again IAG supporters

Below is a slightly updated version of the announcement for our January 12 
event with Sarah Mirk talking about Guantanamo Bay prison and her awesome 
book about how horrible it is. New info includes that the event will be 
hosted by Theresa Mitchell.

The flyer
has also been updated.

Please share widely!

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                          ILLUSTRATING IMPRISONMENT:
                    Sarah Mirk Presents "Guantanamo Voices"
                       Tuesday, January 12, 2021 7:00 PM
                         Streaming live on Youtube at

    Portland area author/journalist Sarah Mirk compiled an amazing graphic
    non-fiction book ("Guantanamo Voices: True Accounts from the World's
    Most Infamous Prison") exposing the human rights abuses at Guantanamo
    Bay prison, which the US opened in Cuba exactly four months after 9/11.
    Mirk will speak on a livestream event Tuesday, January 12 at 7 PM at
    the Peace and Justice Works (PJW) youtube page:
    https://youtube.com/peaceandjusticeworks. . The presentation will be
    followed by an audience Q&A. The event will be hosted by local media
    personality Theresa Mitchell.

    Guantanamo held close to 800 prisoners, and 40 remain in legal limbo.
    President Obama promised to close the prison in 2009. Mirk invited a
    diverse set of 12 artists to illustrate discussions with former
    prisoners, guards, lawyers and others whose lives have been forever
    changed by the US' use of an offshore facility to torture and imprison
    people indefinitely.

    Sarah began as a reporter including at the Portland Mercury, where she
    covered political issues including police accountability. She also
    edited a national feminist magazine and now is a contributing editor at
    graphic journalism website the Nib. She also works as a digital
    engagement producer for Reveal at the Center for Investigative
    Reporting. Sarah is also the author of several books including You Do
    You: Figuring Out Your Body, Dating, and Sexuality.

    Instructions for adding to the Q&A period will be posted at the time of
    the event. The presentation is coordinated by Peace and Justice Works
    Iraq Affinity Group and cosponsored by Amnesty International Group 48.

    For more information, especially if your group would like to cosponsor
    or endorse this event, contact Peace and Justice Works at 503-236-3065
    or iraq at pjw.info.

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