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Wed Jan 6 22:25:01 EST 2021

Supporters of peace

I've been struggling all day how to process what's been happening in 
Washington, DC (I'm sure I'm not alone on this). While there isn't an 
analysis of the role the police played in what happened-- certainly if we 
believe in nonviolence we can't encourage police to use violence on behalf 
of the state-- this email from Pace e Bene (Peace and Well Being) reminds 
us to check in with those we care about to be sure that they are doing ok 
(even if some people elected to national office in this country appear to 
be flying off the rails). I've heard quite a number of people remark that 
if had been Black Lives Matter protestors storming the Capitol, we would 
be seeing a lot of injuries and probably deaths by law enforcement hands.

We have our own events and projects to keep working on but certainly if 
other such information comes our way I can share it out, at least by 
sending the links to websites.

Anyway, I found this a bit comforting when I turned away from live-blogs 
about DC, maybe you will too.

dan h.
peace and justice works

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Subject: The hour has come for nonviolence - Practical things we can all
  do now
                               January 6, 2021

Dear Peace and Justice Works,

Today, we witnessed a scene at the U.S. Capitol Building that was both 
shocking and not entirely surprising. Indeed, for months now, Pace e Bene 
has been part of the nationwide mobilization to counter the many threats 
to the electoral process. What we saw today in DC was the inevitable 
outgrowth of the lies of President Trump and his inflammatory speech at a 
rally earlier in the day. The incursion of Trump supporters into the 
Capitol Building halted the democratic process of certifying the vote and 
forced the evacuation of Vice President Pence and Congress members. The 
riotous and sometimes violent group gained access to the House floor and 
Congress members' offices. Police ultimately expelled the group and 
Congress is continuing the vote certification tonight.

Was this a coup attempt? Choose Democracy shifted the Coup-O-Meter to the 
first degree of an attempted coup. They also pointed out that, while the 
insurgence intended to disrupt the elections certification process, ?this 
is also not a coordinated insurrection across large sectors and pillars of 
society. As near as we can assess, the political spectrum has condemned 
the violence and force... Other sectors of society do not show any moves 
supporting this coup attempt.? Read their full statement on their website.

In this worrying moment, there are some practical things we can all do:


     Denounce this assault on democracy. Use social media, letters to the
                editors, sidewalk chalking, whatever you need.


  Check-in with your friends, family, and community. Make sure all are safe
                             and feel supported.


  Contact members of Congress. Express concern for their wellbeing and their
  staff. Demand that President Trump be arrested, impeached, and removed for
              inciting this assault on Congress and democracy. 


Insist that the results of the election be certified and those who violently
                      disrupted proceedings be arrested.


    Stay calm and grounded, but ready. Reach out to others to dispel fear.

Pace e Bene Director of Education Veronica Pelicaric emphasizes the 
importance of countering fear. She lived through two coups in Argentina 
and says, "It feels terrifying and creates a sense of unsafety and 
confusion for everyone." Connect with people and replace fear with love, 
isolation with connection, uncertainty with collective courage. This 
nonviolent practice is an essential part of anti-coup defense and building 
a culture of active nonviolence.

Pace e Bene sees today as a painful reminder of the importance of building 
a culture of nonviolence. Democracy and nonviolence go hand-in-hand. Where 
we nurture one, we foster the other. Please stay connected and alert. We 
do not know what will happen next. We will continue to follow the 
unfolding events and keep you updated with any needed nonviolent actions.

                               With solidarity,

        - Ryan, Ken, Veronica, Erin, Rivera, and the Pace e Bene Team
                     info at paceebene.org | (510) 268-8765

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