[pjw] NEWS: Local military contractor Flir sold, may move out of state

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Fri Jan 8 17:09:17 EST 2021

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The news broke on Monday that Flir, a company that makes infrared camera 
devices used on drones and by individual military personnel, was sold to a 
company in California. I hadn't realized that most of their corporate 
division already moved closer to the Pentagon two years ago. We held a 
protest at their Wilsonville headquarters almost exactly 8 years ago-- Jan 
16, 2013, marking 22 years after the "Gulf War" and in anticipation of the 
10 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Our signs said "Good Jobs, 
Not War Jobs."


I remember a few employees coming out of the building and being very angry 
at us, saying their technology "saves lives." Sure, AMERICAN lives.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for tonight's (4:30 PM) rally about 
Guantanamo and thought you should know I posted a video promo for the 
Sarah Mirk talk on our YouTube page:


If you watch the video you'll see I've got the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial 
Sign programmed to let the public know about Tuesday's livestreaming 

Anyway, here's a link to the full Oregonian article about Flir and the 
relevant paragraphs.

dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group


Flir, one of Oregon's last big tech companies, said Monday it will sell 
its business to California-based Teledyne Technologies in a deal initially 
valued at $8 billion in cash and stock.

Though founded in Oregon, and still nominally based in Wilsonville, the company 
moved its executive team to a second headquarters in Virginia in 2019.

Roughly 350 employees remain in Wilsonville, where Flir develops and markets 
some of its technology. Its thermal-imaging cameras enable troops to see at 
night and in difficult weather, increasingly coupled with aerial drones and 
other robotic equipment. Flir employs about 4,300 worldwide.

Flir's business turned around following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 
2001 as the U.S. began wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, boosting military 
demand for Flir's technology. The company later sought to expand into 
consumer technology as military sales waned, but the consumer market never 
really took off and Flir has recently refocused on its defense business.

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