[pjw] REPORT BACK: David Swanson event covers many issues of militarism and war

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Fri Jun 25 17:27:31 EDT 2021

Iraq Affinity Group supporters and allies

Last night we had a successful online event with World BEYOND War 
executive director David Swanson. Though he came up with the evening's 
title-- "Guided Missiles, Misguided Policies, and Changing Direction", he 
added a _subtitle_ last night: "Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and 
Love WWIII." The talk covered a variety of issues including the illegality 
(and madness) of making war, how environmental and police issues are part 
of the same ecosystem, so to speak, and as his subtitle suggests how US 
policy seems set up to spark a third World War. However, he said, the US 
wants to provoke someone else into starting it.

While Swanson did bring up the issue of drones during the talk, he also 
addressed the issue more deeply in the 45 minute Q&A session that 
followed, as well as a variety of other queries such as whether the Peace 
Movement has drifted away. (His answer: It's always there, you just don't 
hear about it.)

You can watch the video, which YouTube told us had 35 views last night and 
59 views as of this afternoon, at this direct link:


Or you can see it embedded in this page on the WBW website along with the 
text of Swanson's remarks:


Ani Raven Haines did a great job moderating. Despite some minor 
video/audio dropouts (now ubiquitous at virtual events), the welcome and 
relaying in real time of audience questions kept the event flowing along.

We thank all the copsonsoring and endorsing groups again for their 
support. If you are able to send a donation to help cover publicity costs 
(and an honorarium for David's time) that would be great. The mailing 
address and URL for online donating are in the signature file below.

We've added links to the video and transcript on the event page, which 
also has the full list of cosponsors and endorsers.


Thanks again to all!
dan handelman

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