[pjw] REPORT BACK: Ratcheting things up: Friday rally #84 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Oct 30 15:45:04 EDT 2021

Supporters of the Iraq Affinity Group

Our rally and march last night was attended by 6 people, including an 
out-of-towner who initially observed, then joined us for the whole event. 
One was a regular still recovering from an injury who came for the rally 
only. The weather was perfect and we had many people on foot and in cars 
(including one who put their hand up in a peace sign out their sunroof) 
expressing support.

At the rally, I reminded everyone that next week is a special event 
marking 20 years of the Friday rally. (I'll send a reminder out in a few 


Then we talked about some of this week's headlines:

--The US has sent troops to Taiwan, prompting China to remind them of the 
1982 agreement that the US considers there is "one China"; in other words, 
this move is seen as not only a threat but a broken promise.


--Did you know that until this week, the US considered Israel part of 
Europe? They moved Israel's representatives from European Command to 
Central Command, feeling that recognition by Bahrain and the UAE would 
lead to less friction.


--When asked, US officials said they are not planning to remove the 900 
troops from Syria anytime soon, claiming the situation there is 
"different" from that in Afghanistan.


--Speaking of Afghanistan, the US is still trying to find ways to conduct 
attacks when they want, but Pakistan is still saying they can't use 
Pakistani airspace to do so.


--Ratcheting up tensions which could have been eased the day President 
Biden took office, by reversing Trump's withdrawal, the US is saying it is 
growing "impatient" with Iran around re-entering the nuclear deal.


--In Iraq, allegedly a sovereign nation, Turkey has reauthorized its 
cross-border military operations for two years.


In local news, I noted that people who'd been pushing for over a year to 
get the names of officers who only wore identification numbers at last 
year's protests got a judge to agree that the City needs to release that 
information. Subsequently a woman who filed suit against unknown cops got 
the city to agree to a $25,000 ish settlement after the City realized its 
claim she couldn't prove the cops were Portland Police wouldn't hold up.


Along the march route I relayed the info that Israel has labeled six 
non-governmental Palestinian rights groups as "terrorists," just another 
day in the ongoing occupation.


And as we headed back to the square I talked about how the $3.5 trillion 
infrastructure package has been cut back to $1.75 trillion, including less 
money to fight climate change.


Perhaps that money would be available if the US didn't spend it on war. 
And also, perhaps the climate package would be larger if Sen. Joe Manchin 
weren't making half a million dollars a year off his family's fossil fuel 


The Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial Sign froze up (with the phrase "US Out" on 
it, so, not so bad) on the 4th Avenue side of Pioneer Place Mall this 
week, but went blank around the Yamill side. I think there are devices to 
measure ghostly activities, maybe we need to try one of those.

We welcome everyone who's willing to mask up and stay safely distanced to 
join us, if you are up for it. We really hope to see past "regulars" 
attend the 20th anniversary event next week.

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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