[pjw] Meeting/RSVP: PJW Fall Quarterly Meeting Sunday, Nov. 14, 12-2:15 PM

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Fri Oct 29 16:47:58 EDT 2021

Hello supporters of a better world

Many of you have probably received our postcare announcing the Fall 
Quarterly Meeting coming up two weeks from this Sunday-- that is, November 
14. Details are below. I forgot to include the fact that you don't have to 
be a member to attend our quarterly meetings (or go through an 
orientation, as is required for Copwatch meetings).

I also didn't sign the postcard. *Sigh* so much to remember.

Anyway, I'll send a reminder closer to the day of but if you know you want 
to attend I can put you on a list. The connection info will go out a day 
or two before the meeting to those who RSVP.

dan handelman
peace and justice works

PJW supporters

Peace and Justice Works
Fall Quarterly Meeting
Sunday, November 14, 2021
12:00 noon
(informal discussion)
12:30 pm (meeting)
conference call- contact pjw at pjw.info  for details

Please join PJW on Sunday, November 14, for our Fall Quarterly meeting, to 
be held by conference call.  It will start with a 12 noon informal 
discussion before the 12:30-2:15 PM meeting. The agenda includes affinity 
group reports, financial updates and nominations for the board and 
officers. Currently, the board includes President Shelley Bedell, 
Secretary Dan Handelman, Jocelyn McAuley and Linda Tomassi, who are all 
Authorized Check Signers, and Alice Mott.

Also if you're up for it, mask up and join us any Friday at Pioneer 
Courthouse Square (SW Yamhill/Broadway) at 5 PM for the weekly rally for 
peace and justice, marking 20 years on November 5. PJW has been 
coordinating the rallies since March 2020.

For information including connection info for the meeting contact PJW at 
503-236-3065 (call/text) or email us at pjw at pjw.info.

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