[pjw] REPORT BACK: Worse than I thought: Friday rally #124 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Aug 6 16:38:01 EDT 2022

Hello peaceful people

I'm going to start by explaining this week's subject line, which refers to 
the US assassination of Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan that I wrote 
about earlier this week. After last night's rally it came to my attention 
that the missile that was used was armed with knives.


It is so disgusting that America comes up with more gruesome ways to kill 
people by remote control. And that I heard about this on a comedy show 
where people thought it was funny. What is wrong with people????

Amyway, last night's Friday Rally for Peace and Justice was attended by 
seven people, with an eighth who was running late joining us for the 
march. While responses seemed more muted than usual, those we did get were 
all positive. We wore masks and did our best to stay socially distanced, 
so to speak.

In addition to a reminder announcement about the Hiroshima / Nagasaki 
memorial on Monday


here are some of the headlines we talked about at the event.

--The drone strike against al-Zawahiri was referred to by President Biden 
as "Justice." Really? If someone from another country sent a robot to kill 
an American suspected of planning people's deaths, would that be seen as 


--Where on earth did they get the idea that killing with drones is ok? 
Turkey bombed northern Syria, killing seven people including a child.


--While Russia's invasion of Ukraine is blatantly a violation of 
international law, Amnesty International has also criticized the Ukranians 
for launching military strikes from civilian areas, putting non-combatants 
at risk.


--China has launched a serious set of military drills in response to House 
Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan. A lot of punditry and politics 
accusing China of "aggression" seems to leave out the US' continual 
provocative sailing of warships and flying of aircraft near China.


--The Senate has approved Finland and Sweden joining NATO, another 
provocative move seen only as wrongheaded by Senator Josh Hawley in a 95-1 
vote. Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. (BTW Jeff Merkley 
did not vote, because he was in Oregon tending family health matters.)


--But there's good news, the truce in Yemen is being extended for another 
two months, meaning it will have been free of open conflict for the better 
part of a year.


--The Saudis have opened their airspace to all countries including Israel, 
which is being seen as a step toward them normalizing relations. The 
Palestinians called this a "stab in the back."


--Senator Ron Wyden and others have proposed a bill to protect journalists 
like Julian Assange from being prosecuted for telling the truth.


In Iraq, the non-violent takeover of the Parliament last week turned into 
a sit-in that lasted at least five days (for some reason I couldn't find 
news after Wednesday about this).


In local news, the Portland Police have continued to refuse to release the 
name of the officer who killed Aaron Stanton on July 27 based on threats 
to officers in the previous two shootings. Stanton also has not been 
formally named by the PPB, but Portland Copwatch noted his last name was 
published by the Independent Police Review on Wednesday night (see p. 3):


On the other hand, also in the "broken clock is right twice a day" 
category, the PPB did finally make an arrest in the killing of activist 
Sean Kealiher, something community members thought might never happen 
because of Kealiher's stance to abolish the police.


Along the march route, I reported that Israel killed 10 people in a
"preemptive" strike in Gaza, trying to go after a Hamas leader, 
but they also killed a five year old.


As we headed back toward the start point, I talked about the Senate's 
defense bill including a $2 billion boost to the Space Force budget. So 
this thing everyone thought Trump was joking about is getting $2 billion 
extra while people are living on the streets, lacking health care and 
other basic needs.


The Gucci store must have realized we slipped by them last week, as the 
Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial Sign went out again there at SW 4th and 
Morrison. It popped back on at 5th and Yamhill at the end of the march.

Our special guest from last week came back for a second time, which is 
very encouraging. Next week we will start the rally speech and march early 
because I will be heading off to the Keaton Otis vigil at NE 6th and 
Halsey which starts at 6 PM, so if you arrive be sure to get to our rally 
on time!

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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