[pjw] NEWS: Security Council to do theatrical vote against Russian attack

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Thu Feb 24 20:12:53 EST 2022

Hello PJW supporters
Most of you have probably heard by now that Russia began bombardment of 
various parts of Ukraine late last night, and their troops have (for 
reasons I don't really understand) taken control of the nuclear site at 

A lot of people (me included, but hey, I'm in good company, Noam Chomsky 
also doubted it) thought Russia was not going to move forward with a 
military assault. But now that it's happened, how can the world hold them 

The article below illustrates one of the biggest problems with world peace 
today: the UN Security Council plans to vote tomorrow to condemn the 
Russian invasion, but they know it won't be formally adopted because 
**Russia has veto power***. As do four other countries who won World War 
II over 75 years ago and thus, I guess, get to do whatever the heck they 

Similarly, the US will look kind of hypocritical if they want to ask the 
International Criminal Court to prosecute Putin and other Russians for 
this, since the US signed onto the court under Bill Clinton, but 
"un-signed" that document under GW Bush.

I feel terrible for the people being subjected to lethal violence and hope 
that some kind of peaceful resolution prevails before the US, NATO and 
others escalate this into a global nuclear war.

I gather that Code Pink and other groups are holding an online rally this 
Saturday the 26th:


We will, of course, address this issue front and center at tomorrow's 
Friday rally at 5 PM at SW Yamhill and Broadway. Please do mask up if you 
come and remember to stay 3-6 feet apart from other folks. We can spread 
out to other corners if need be.

This coming on top of the activists who were shot (one of whom was killed) 
at a police accountability action in Portland on Saturday is a lot to 
process. Hope everyone is staying well and keeping optimistic.

Letha Winston, the mother of Patrick Kimmons (killed by Portland Police in 
2018) did an online video two days after the shootings saying the white 
supremacist who shot her allies was not going to stop her from marching 
and demanding justice. An inspiration.

dan handelman
peace and justice works

UN Council to Vote on Condemning Invasion of Ukraine
The council is scheduled to vote at 3 p.m. EST Friday.
Published 45 mins ago
Military hardware moved across Crimea, Russia
Sergei MalgavkoTASS via Getty Images

The U.N. Security Council will vote Friday on a resolution that would 
condemn Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine “in the strongest 
terms.” It also would demand an immediate halt to Russia’s invasion and 
the withdrawal of all Russian troops.

A senior U.S. official says the Biden administration knows the measure 
will be vetoed by Russia, but believes it is very important to put the 
resolution to a vote to underscore Russia’s international isolation.
Protest Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine Held in Times Square

Dozens gathered in New York City’s Times Square to protest Russia’s 
invasion of Ukraine.

The official says the council vote will be followed by a resolution voted 
on quickly in the 193-member U.N. General Assembly where there are no 

The final draft resolution, obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, 
would reaffirm the council’s commitment “to the sovereignty, independence, 
unity, and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally 
recognized borders.”

The council is scheduled to vote at 3 p.m. EST Friday.

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