[pjw] REPORT BACK: Countering propaganda: Friday rally #122 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Jul 23 16:04:52 EDT 2022

Iraq Affinity Group supporters

For the first time since late April, there were eight people at last 
night's Friday Rally for Peace and Justice. With COVID so prevalent that 
even the President has it now, we masked up and stayed distanced. Though 
the temperature was relatively mild at about 80 degrees the humidity was 
thick, I think it was over 60%, so our rally had a slight sluggish feeling 
to it. Nonetheless we had a number of people who honked their horns, one 
woman who put her hand to her heart, a man who saluted us (!), and other 
signs that our actions were appreciated.

I had the "bullhorn" this week and finished up the rally announcing the 
upcoming Hiroshima/Nagasaki memorial on August 8, noting that the timing 
is such that they can mark the exact time the bomb dropped on Nagasaki... 
a bomb that used plutonium from Hanford.


Here's some of what we talked about at this week's rally-- and I should 
note that we privately talked about Steve Bannon's conviction for contempt 
of congress for failing to talk about January 6, but I forgot to yell it 
into the bullhorn.

--I expressed optimism that Turkey and the UN had helped broker a deal 
between Russia and Ukraine to allow the release of wheat to help a growing 
global food crisis.


Unfortunately I heard on the radio this morning that Russia has already 
apparently violated this agreement. :(

---Despite Russia's unsavory behavior, it also continues to be very 
unusual how much Ukraine is given access to our elected leaders, with the 
First Lady lobbying congress this past week for more weapons. I can't 
remember any other conflict in the last 30 years with this kind of ongoing 
direct propagandizing going on.


--And while Turkey was helpful in the Russia-Ukraine dialogue, they 
shelled a resort in Northern Iraq, prompting the Iraq government to demand 
that they withdraw. Not sure why Turkish forces are allowed in Iraq at 


--With all the other news going on you may have missed that the US bombed 
Somalia for the 7th time this year, killing two people. We often get 
people asking why we're protesting war, it's because the wars never end.


--All but 18 representatives in the House (all Republican) gave a green 
light for Finland and Sweden to join NATO. The Senate will vote soon on 
this, yet another way to provoke Russia.


--The Israeli military has announced it is making specific plans to bomb 
Iran over alleged nuclear weapons capabilities, even though Iran's 
religious leader has repeatedly said they have an edict against such 


--And continuing to follow the news of the threatened extradition of 
Julian Assange, Mexico's president told Biden that Assange did not commit 
a crime, and offered asylum for the information publisher.


In local news-- and notably I don't have a link to share except to an 84- 
page document where you can read about this on p. 58-- seven police 
officers had their disciplinary records voluntarily expunged by the City, 
even though (a) the DOJ said the findings of misconduct were sound and (b) 
there are only about 30-40 officers found out of policy in any given year. 
It's not clear what the misconduct involved or why the City caved to 
grievances that were filed.


Along the march route, I noted two things about Israel/Palestine from this 
week's news:

1) Israel launched airstrikes in Gaza in response to _gunfire_, which 
emphasizes the one-sided nature of the conflict.


2) The Presbyterian church has called for an end to what it names as 
apartheid going on in Israel.


As we got back toward the Square, I noted that there are some good 
features in the House's bloated military spending bill, such as an effort 
to root out white supremacists from America's armed forces. Those 
amendments probably won't survive because, I guess, Senators agree that 
purging racists is just part of a "woke" culture.


Continuing the old status quo, the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial Sign 
turned off right by the Gucci store again. Nothing more to say about that.

Next week well be in the tail end of an expected 100 degree heat wave, so 
if you join us be sure to hydrate well and stay cool.

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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