[pjw] REPORT BACK: to end all wars: Friday rally #138 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Nov 12 17:02:05 EST 2022

Hi again IAG supporters

This week at the Friday Rally for Peace and Justice, a little bit of good 
news along with the ongoing bad news. Eight of us gathered, masked up an 
distanced, in what again was light drizzle turning to dry weather. We had 
a lot of positive supporters again, including one person who _actually 
stopped, watched the messages on the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial Sign, 
and complimented it._ !. Strangely, people often don't even seem to notice 

Perhaps I purposefully forgot last week someone yelled at us to "get a 
job" but, y'know, it takes all types to make the world go around.

I usually have a little piece of paper with me to remember all the news 
headlines. I put that paper in the wrong pocket and winged it, so will 
send you three bonus headlines in addition to these, that we did talk 

--Yesterday was Armistice Day, which the United States calls Veterans Day 
to help take the focus on the end of World War I supposedly being the end 
of all wars.


--In related news, which may be good news, Joint Chiefs of Staff head Gen. 
Mark Milley says there is a possibility for negotiation in Ukraine. He 
invoked the failure to negotiate early in WW I leading to prolonged 
conflict. Let's hope for a better outcome this time.


--Not so good news: The US tested an air-launched missile by dropping it 
with a parachute, then firing it off in the Arctic... as a show of force 
to Russia.


--US B-52s that were in the "Middle East" in a show of force to Iran were 
escorted on their way out by Israeli jets, perhaps signaling the two 
countries want to bomb Iran.


--Israel also attacked a convoy including fuel tankers on the Iraq/Syria 
border, with no consequences as usual. Not only was there loss of life and 
likely environmental damage, but with oil in short supply worldwide 
(relatively speaking) it seems a bad time to blow up a bunch of it.


--The US conducted another airstrike in Somalia; I've lost count of how 
many there have been now under President Biden but the pace has 
accelerated lately.


--After 9/11, under the umbrella of the Authorization for Use of 
Military Force, the US set up "security cooperation authorities" in 9 
countries beyond six of the seven they conducted wars in (Iraq, 
Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Somalia-- not clear why Pakistan's not 
listed). The other countries are Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Lebanon,
Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, and Tunisia.


In local news, the Portland Police shot yet another person on Monday, 
marking their eighth deadly force incident this year. Luckily, the man, 
who was setting a car on fire and allegedly confronted police with a 
weapon, was not killed.


This marked at least the 37th deadly force incident by law enforcement in 
Oregon this year, matching the record Portland Copwatch logged in 2018. 
Which means unless the cops keep their guns in their holsters for 2 more 
months, this will be a record year.

Along the march route, another piece of good news (though caveats to both 
are that this is what the US SAID not necessarily what they will DO): The 
US envoy claims they will push back if the new right-wing Israeli 
government tries to annex the West Bank.


In the money for human needs section, more bad news, I'm afraid: BEFORE 
the election, it was reported Congress will likely approve a years-long 
appropriation for military equipment to be built and purchased, something 
that hasn't happened since the Cold War.


OK, so here are the three bonus headlines I forgot to mention:

--Another bit of good news: The US and Russia agreed to revive talks of 
nuclear arms reduction:


--But, unfortunately, the US is also setting up another new military base 
in Syria.


--aaaaaand, a militia in Iraq killed a US aid worker there, claiming it 
was in retaliation for the killing of General Soleimani (which happened 
almost three years ago).


This week again the Ann Huntwork Sign froze up (rather than going blank) 
by the Gucci store; it made it around the corner and past one of the 
mystery junction boxes, then I made the mistake of SAYING that's what 
happened, and the sign turned itself off. *Sigh* It'll be on again 
tonight at 6 PM at NE 6th and Halsey for the Keaton Otis vigil; we stay 
put for those events and the sign's never been a problem there.

I heard on the radio that COVID is the #3 cause of death in the US this 
year, with 390 people still dying each day. So please be careful, but if 
you are ok with it, join us at the rally if you can.

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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