[pjw] REPORT BACK: brazen lawlessness: Friday rally #139 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Nov 19 17:11:10 EST 2022

Iraq Affinity Group supporters

Last night we had eight people at the Friday Rally for Peace and Justice, 
including a new person who wandered upon us, grabbed a sign, and expressed 
their enthusiasm by marching ahead (not knowing the route), climbing on 
benches, and shouting anti-imperialist concepts to passers-by. I think they 
were high... on life?

The "regulars" remained masked up and distanced, enjoying a break from the 
rain while the temperatures have started to get uncomfortably cold. There 
weren't as many people honking horns and giving thumbs-ups as usual, but 
we were able to hand out quite a few fact sheets and have discussions with 
a few folks who stopped to talk.

Here are some of the things we talked about at the rally:

--As the G20 rich countries met, they could not all agree to condemn 
Russia's invasion of Ukraine, so their joint declaration acknowledges 
differing views; in particular, China, India, Brazil and Indonesia, who 
are not taking part in sanctions, did not want to cross Russia.


--As noted earlier this week, the missile that landed in Poland was likely 
from Ukraine, though their government is disputing that likelihood.


--Perhaps as a good sign that Iraq is really moving toward independence 
from the US, the new Prime Minister's government plans to continue with 
oil deals struck with China and Russia back in 2019. OilPrice.com uses 
some weird language in this article.


--This week there was another rocket attack at US military base in Syria 
with no injuries. Are you getting tired of hearing me ask: "Why does the 
US have military bases in Syria?"?


--Human Rights watch is calling for an investigation into US raids in 


--North Korea fired another missile-- after the US and the South engaged 
in more wargames. Let me spell this for you President Biden: 


--Although the International Atomic Energy Agency investigated and found 
no outstanding issues, the US did not like what they wrote about nuclear 
particles found in Iran, and pushed the IAEA to put more pressure on the 
Iranians... conveniently making the nuclear deal less likely.


--The US has decided that Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia 
can enjoy diplomatic immunity when it comes to the murder of reporter 
Jamal Kashoggi. Just outrageous.


In local news, the person wounded by the PPB last week was revealed to be 
Antoine Young, 33. Portland Copwatch discovered he is a young Black man, 
the first Black Portlander to be shot by the PPB in almost four years. 
(Sort-of update: The PPB shot another person early this morning!)


Along the march route, I talked about how far-right leader Itama Ben Gvir 
has pushed Benjamin Netanyahu to declare many West Bank settlements are 
legally part of Israel, something the US said they would push back 
against previously.


And in terms of money spent on war rather than for human needs, this media 
outlet in Scotland reports that the richest countries are spending 30 
times more on the military than on fixing the climate.


The Ann Huntwork Sign froze up for about half a block by the Pioneer Place 
Mall but then went out altogether. As predicted, there was no problem with 
it out at the Keaton Otis vigil last week.

Speaking of which, one of that vigil's mainstays was absent because they 
came down with COVID, meaning now four people in my immediate activist 
circle have been infected in the last four weeks. Remember to stay safe! 
This is particularly important next week, when the holiday tree lighting 
returns to the Square and there could be a huge crowd. We will once again 
have signs decrying the sting operation against Somali teen Mohammed 
Mohamud which happened (checks calendar) 12 years ago!!!

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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