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Hi Iraq Affinity Group supporters
Last Tuesday, I sent out an email invitation to the PPRC Friday Rally that 
was held on November 6th, which we at PJW cosponsored, with the theme "No 
Boots on the Ground!" In preparing for last nights IAG meeting, I realized 
that I only sent that email to a handful of potential cosponsors and back 
to myself here at PJW. So, most of you had no idea the event was going on. 
(This may be why nobody offered to bring their old boots for us to tie to 
the Wagon of Peace.)

About 12 people were there on Friday, and we handed out a few dozen 
leaflets that contained the news release for the event (below) and an 
image graphically representing the theme. We now have available for 
download an 8.5x11 version of that image-- go to
<http://www.pjw.info/NoBoots.pdf> and check it out, print it out, post it 

I really feel awful that the word didn't get out more widely. I gather 
that KBOO announced it Friday based on our news release. Anyway... PPRC 
does its rally every Friday at 5 PM and will be there again this week, I 
can't speak for members of the Iraq Affinity Group. I know I will not be 
able to make it, personally... but now they have a new chant:

"Bring them home, safe and sound-- No Boots On The Ground!"

Oh, and be sure to contact the appropriate folks in our government who 
make decisions about these things and tell them how you feel about special 
forces, drones, airplanes, and "advisors" being involved in conflicts with 
no UN or Congressional mandate.
dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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For immediate release          November 6, 2015

Protesting the United States' recent decision to overtly deploy special 
forces into Iraq and Syria, Portland area groups will rally and march 
today, Friday November 6, to say "No Boots on the Ground!" The specific 
theme for the weekly Friday rally for peace and justice will be recognized 
at the event at 5:00 PM tonight at Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Yamhill 
and Broadway. As part of the protest, organizers will be hauling around 
pairs of actual boots dangling just off the ground to visually represent 
the call to action.

After the death of the US Special Operative in Iraq on October 22, even 
the mainstream media remembered that President Obama promised "no boots on 
the ground" to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria. But 9 days later (Saturday, 
October 31) the President announced he was putting American servicepeople 
in both countries.
"Obama Sends Special Operations Forces to Help Fight ISIS in Syria", NY Times, 
Oct. 30)

This move will complicate things both for Russia and Turkey, which have 
been conducting air raids in Syria for their own political reasons, and 
possibly lead to direct confrontations-- despite their being no UN mandate 
for any country to be involved there militarily.

The event is cosponsored by Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group 
and the rally's weekly coordinator, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, 
and endorsed by Freedom Socialist Party. As it happens, PPRC's first 
Friday rally was held on the first Friday of November, 2001, about a month 
after the invasion of Afghanistan; this Friday will mark their 14th 
anniversary of holding a weekly demonstration, rain or shine.

For more information contact Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group 
at 503-236-3065.

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